Who We Are?

Business BaBa (SMC-Pvt) Ltd is a consulting company that helps you start and grow your business through step by step proven methods. We offer services such as, Startup Advisory Services, Registration Services, Designing Services, Digital Media Marketing, Product Manufacturing and Online Stores (E-commerce Stores) / Dropshipping Business etc.

Hiring high level professionals as employees costs you millions per month. At Business BaBa these professionals work for you on project basis thus; you have no need to add permanent overheads to your business.

Meet the crew

Our Vision

At Business BaBa, our vision is to become world’s leading consulting firm that will help startups and small businesses become market leaders through our knowledge, experience and dedication. We want to create an Entrepreneurship Mentality in the world especially in Pakistan, making youth independent and self-employed rather than depending on jobs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all business solutions to our clients under one roof. We want to make our clients’ foundation strong, give them legal shape, showcase them as brands, help them grow faster and enable them generate huge sales, huge money and huge huge money.  

Our Activities

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joshua lapinsky

Design Lead

Glenda Spence

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Trossino


Karina Messopine

Design Lead

Patrik Janssen

Experience Designer

joshua lapinsky

Design Lead