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Trademark Registration

The first step towards your business is to get Intellectual Property rights i.e. Trademark Registration. By Registering your business name and product names in Trademark, you secure your business from copying. No one can then claim or steal your business name and products names once you have registered Trademark.

Trademark Benefits
  • After acquiring Trademark Registration, you become the official owner of the registered Business or product names.
  • Your business name or product names will appear in online portal of Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan showing you the owner of the Service Mark or Trademark.
  • You can grow your business on national and international level offline and online without any fear of copying and objection from government.
  • You can sue anyone or any organization that uses your business or products names and compel them to shut down their business or products.
  • A registered Trademark is transferable to any other name with the consent of the owner of Trademark.
  • A registered Trademark can be sold as per its goodwill value by the owner of the Trademark.